Orchard Hill - House Decades

Orchard Hill

Located on a 6.5-acre apple orchard in Hudson, Wisconsin, this single-family residence creates its views of the planted hillside through a strong split axis, separating the public, private, and outdoor functions.

A carful study of the vernacular, agrarian countryside of western Wisconsin inspired the forms of the residence. Incorporating these forms with a mixed use of materials and color palettes, the sprawling elevation creates a structure at the human scale that comfortably rests within the landscape. 

With an unassuming façade upon approach, the user is directed through the open gallery revealing the expansive beauty of the orchard. 

Important to our design and building practices, Orchard Hill takes advantage of many passive and active strategies for low-energy design.

Structurally insulated panels and spray foam insulation along with triple-pained windows provide for a highly insulated and tightly sealed building envelope.

The use of cast in place concrete works to create a thermal mass, delivering additional passive heating and cooling.

Along its axis, the open gallery funnels the temperate south-eastwardly winds creating for a protected, breezy, outdoor space devoid of bugs throughout the humid summer months.