PCH Beach House

PCH Beach House is a single-family residence located on the beach between the cliffs of Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean. PCH Beach House designed by XTEN Architecture is currently under construction. This house is in a row of existing beachfront houses, with an exterior design that has a modern minimalist concept, this house is unique and different from other houses.

The construction process that is currently underway has entered the finishing stage, the exterior of the building has begun to appear and the structural work is almost complete. From the outside, PCH Beach House has largely represented a shape according to the design. The interior of the building is currently installing wall, floor and ceiling finishing.

PCH Beach House has a lot of openings in the form of very large glass windows that can be opened and closed as access in and out as well as access to natural sunlight and natural ventilation. In addition, large glass windows provide a very beautiful view of the whole beach through the house. The fresh atmosphere typical of the beach is presented optimally through the design of this building.