PLUSMODUL is houses made of ready-made modules, which are as easy to assemble as, for example, to assemble a kitchen from ready-made elements in a store. You just need to choose the configuration of the house, its exterior and interior decoration. PLUSMODUL is a universal system that adapts to different functional requirements of future residents, sizes and configurations of plots. 

A predetermined number of one- and two-storey modules have been designed, which differ in functional saturation and area. Modules can be combined with different configurations. For example, linear, L- and C-shaped or courtyard houses (due to the use of rotary modules).

Houses can be completed in the future by adding new modules to the already built house. One of the facades of the modules is deaf, it plays the role of a visual and sound barrier between the house and the external environment (street, transport, neighbors), the opposite facade of the module is open to the side of the site.

 In the interior, a blind facade can be used to place built-in storage: kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves. The modules are available in several finishes. You can choose the color of the roof, the material and tone of the facades, as well as the material of the interior decoration of the future house.