President’s House : Contemporary Taste of the President - House Decades

President’s House : Contemporary Taste of the President

This extensive interior renovation for the Bentley University President’s House reflects the contemporary taste of the president, while also appealing to Bentley University’s numerous constituents. Serving as a private residence and a venue for numerous campus functions, the project created an aesthetic that is both formal and comfortable by consistently juxtaposing traditional and modern elements throughout the public and private spaces of the home.

The interior is made to look luxurious and elegant by giving a touch of cream and ivory white. The transition between the dining area and the lobby uses a magnificent white profile gate paired with beige paint walls and dark wood parquet floors. Crystal chandeliers add a luxurious and elegant impression to the dining room.

The family room is very spacious with high curtains in harmony with large windows with a combination of square and semicircular shapes. The floor uses a carpet with natural motifs with colors that match the concept, which is a combination of beige and ivory white.

Bookshelves are planted into the wall to give the room a more spacious impression. The fireplace with a white profile combined with silver mirrors and crystal wall lamps gives the room an elegant twist.

The color of the furniture used is the same as the color of the room. A few touches of gold are added for an elegant look. Not too big sofas upholstered seats combined with dark wood and light-colored ottoman.

In the dining room, there are more touches of wood so that it provides a warmer atmosphere. There is not too much furniture in the dining room, so the room looks spacious.

A different impression can be seen in the service room, namely the kitchen and bathroom which are dominated by white and black. The white color of the cabinets gives a clean and spacious impression, while the black marble for the tables and floors provides an elegant contrast accent.