Public Garden TH

This contemporary five-story townhouse renovation on Beacon Hill includes a full suite of architectural and interior design services, integrating modern facilities, technology and systems into the historic structure. Even though it is in the middle of busy city activities, this house can still provide comfort for its residents by maintaining a historic contemporary concept.

What is still preserved from this house besides its exterior facade is a historic staircase with a very unique design and high value. This wooden staircase creates an elegant and luxurious impression because of its shape and details coupled with contrasting white wood panel walls accentuating the luxury of a wooden staircase that matches the entrance.

The living room has a soft and elegant theme. The details on the wall panels are very attractive with square geometric ornaments arranged at the bottom of the panels. At the top of the panel is left plain to highlight the paintings on display in the room. Crystal chandeliers and fireplace add a luxurious and elegant effect paired with a simple yet chic sofa.

The catalyst is the desire to move the existing kitchen from the ground floor to the main level living room. Formerly the butler’s kitchen and dining area, the new modern kitchen, the ceiling with extended cabinets, and new wall panels are woven into the classic Beacon Hill home aesthetic, including authentic Cuban mahogany panels and chandeliers.

The bedroom is dominated by white with a dark brown combination, this color combination gives a warmer feel supported by large paintings with matching nuances. On one side of the wall there is a large glass window facing the outside with a long sofa chair to relax while enjoying the outside view. In addition to enjoying the view, the large glass windows have the function of bringing sunlight into the room in the morning and during the day.

New steel and oak staircases with rooftop deck access and new terraces to the herbal garden below make this intervention a comfortable space for modern living.

Updated frame structures and elevators were introduced to extend the life of the home and deliberate moments were created to showcase a world-class fine art collection. This reveals the opportunity to renovate the attic into a loft-like aerie overlooking the city.