Residential complex “Basmanny, 5”

Residential complex “Basmanny, 5” is a 30 m2 apartment located in Moscow. Apartments with modern minimalist concepts are dominated by white and gold tones as accents that give the impression of luxury and elegance. The combination of building materials used in the form of white marble, gold metal, and wood creates a simple but luxurious residential concept.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are in one area with a thin ellipse-shaped frosted glass partition that does not take up space but is still functional. The L-shaped kitchen is neither narrow nor wide but has functional and efficient storage spaces. The circular marble dining table is combined with elegant sage green dining chairs.

The living room is filled with a white bone sofa that matches the large and comfortable L-shaped cushion. On the walls there is a combination of wood and marble arranged into unique and interesting details. Under the television there is a minimalist concept fireplace.