Sagaponack Pool House is a poolside house that functions as a place to rest and relax while swimming. This house looks simple with a minimalist concept, has a cube building mass arranged according to the space requirements.

The exterior of this building is dominated by light colored wood with a combination of glass. From the outside, there are many openings in the building so that the building looks semi-massive and semi-open.

The kitchen area is dirty and the dining area has a semi open concept without a door. This room has access to the inside of the building which has a more closed nature which is connected by sliding glass doors, namely a clean kitchen and a bar table.

The clean kitchen and bar table have a brighter feel, namely the dominance of white with wooden accents on one or the wall that connects with the other rooms. This room also has sliding door access to the swimming pool with full glass so that the sunlight can enter optimally and provides a beautiful view.

The living room as well as the lounge has a very large and comfortable sofa bed, this sofa can be used to watch TV or just relax. This living room also has a fireplace embedded in the wall so that the minimalist concept can be maximized and better.

The bathroom has direct access from the outside to accommodate when you finish swimming so that it is easier to go to the bathroom without having to go through another room.