SPACE: Soft Brown Tone Apartment

AP | OS64 is an apartment dominated by warm natural earth tones. This apartment is not large so that there are not many partitions between rooms so that the room feels spacious to move around. The living room, dining table and kitchen are in one area with the same concept. With a combination of light brown and white colors combined with fibrous wood, it makes the room feel warm and comfortable. Apart from color, artificial lighting from lights, both ceiling lamps and floor lamps, creates a warm atmosphere from the warm colored light.

The living room only has a light brown L-shaped sofa with a short circular coffee table in the middle. The placement of a velvet rug in the living room at the same time signifies the difference in space without having to use a partition. In addition, the wooden walls with vertical fibers give the illusion of a taller and larger room in addition to the placement of black glass on the back of the sofa.

The kitchen area has a lot of storage space hidden in the kitchen set which keeps the kitchen clean and tidy. The kitchen set is dominated by white color combined with wood with a light brown color. The walls of the kitchen are made of elegant white-brown marble in addition to being easy to clean. The dining table is not too big but functional with a circular shape so it doesn’t take up too much space.

The bedroom has a very soft tone, a combination of light brown and white. The large and comfortable bed in gray is the main center of the bedroom. This bedroom is supported by a marble wall that is placed directly behind the bed. The storage space and cupboards are hidden as if they are one with the walls.