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State-of-art Edition

“We adhered to the principle: less is more. We created a clean interior, contemporary finishing details, natural materials and custom furniture. This apartment is a gestalt of architectural directions of the entire historic district”, – Artem Zverev and Artem Voskoboinyk, the lead project architects, said.

Apartment was created for a young man of sophisticated taste, a person with his own understanding of aesthetics, collector enamored with Ukrainian Art.

Design concept of the apartment combines nude shades with glass partitions made of graphite glass, natural stone with brass, and custom elements, developed in only one copy. Thus, every element creates a unique understanding of modern living by the YODEZEEN team.

Apartment of 252 m² is located on the single level of the 21st floor and consists of a combined living and dining area, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The living room windows open a mesmerizing view of the Motherland Monument, one of the highest monuments in Europe.

“We love the details. We love when the perception of our project is conveyed through touching the surfaces, materials, comfort of our client in the daylight or night-time, functionality of solutions.

Combination of lights, volumes, textures and finishing elements in the State-of-art Edition project is a confirmation of the studio’s unique style,” says Artem Zverev.

The entrance room of the apartments gives into a spacious area of the combined living, dining and kitchen. From the entrance it sets the necessary element of the concept and breaks down trivial trends in interior design — the custom-made floor covering was assembled in a certain unique pattern from versatile stone and brass tiles.

The complete absence of secondary partition trussed walls in the main area of the apartment, living and kitchen visually expands the space, creating an element of disengagement in the placement of all the constituent interior elements.

The main accent of the nude kitchen is in finishing the main zone and the island with natural Silver Roots stone. River stone is used in the surfaces and island facing of the guest bathroom.

The turnkey apartment project was completed in 18 months and included all stages: from the development of the design concept, the construction process to the selection and coordination of furniture delivery, search and purchase of art objects.

“The most difficult part of the project was to consolidate several contracting companies to work on one docking or node. Therefore, right at the site, we had to make non-standard decisions, modify something or change the materials and approaches to the implementation of our plans,” says Artem Zverev.

Brass and woodwork on the walls serve as a sort of separator for zones of various applications of use. Graphite glass partitions in guest and master bedrooms divide the space into private areas not so as you’d notice.

One of the Empire style elements, molding in the form of a pattern on the ceiling, gives an antique tone to the space, blandly formed as a result of natural match and placement of modern furniture from Italian brands.

The major accent in the dining area is taken by the custom-made brass lamp above the dining table — created by Cameron Design.

The specific element of the apartment concept is about the art of Ukrainian artists and sculptors. Paintings by Viktor Sydorenko and sculptures by Nazar Bilyk complement the interior with the necessary element of authenticity.

“State-of-art Edition project turned out to be very architectural and defines a precise understanding of modern elegance,” Anya Tarabanova, project designer, summed up.