The Angel’s Empire : A Personal Gallery of Celestial Aesthetics - House Decades

The Angel’s Empire : A Personal Gallery of Celestial Aesthetics

The Angel’s Empire : A Personal Gallery of Celestial Aesthetics

The Angel’s Empire is a project our client, a venture investor, contacted us to rethink the space of his 338 sqm apartment with a 120 sqm terrace and create a great place for business meetings and evenings with family and friends. We were faced with the task of making a general redevelopment, harmoniously connecting the two floors, making them contrast, but unified, and reviewing the spacious terraces to make them functional. Also, in this project, our team decided to use unusual materials for the studio and see how they would be combined.

The Angel’s Empire : A Personal Gallery of Celestial Aesthetics

This 338 sq.m bunk apartment is located on the last stories of a new residential building with a stunning view of Moscow city. It consists of an office, guest bedroom, technical room, and two bathrooms on the first floor; and a living room combined with a kitchen and a dining area, master bedroom with bathroom and a terrace on the second. When we were thinking this space out, we decided to weave these two last stories of a high-rise building together and fill them with a common atmosphere, smells, and daylight which is pervading all rooms.

This is one of the lightest interiors the studio has ever done for a man. This two-level apartment creates a personal small empire with its celestial blue and pitch-dark accents. For almost a year, designers and architects have been drawing and implementing the real Empire of Angels in the skyline of Moscow. In this interior, we played on the contrast of light and dark, and this line can be traced in the concept of the entire project.

Each zone tells its own story in architectural and color schemes: the frosty gray living room and dining area contrast softly with the kitchen, completely plunging into the dark corner of the staircase. The master bedroom supports the living room’s mood, but also gently transforms into the warm lighting of the bathroom. The lower story repeats the vibe of the general concept but does it in the guest block which consists of a bedroom, a wardrobe, a bathroom, an office, a laundry room, and a staff room.

Our client is a connoisseur of freedom and beauty in all natural manifestations. Therefore, each zone of the created interior tends to the outside world: “naked” windows, a terrace of 120 sq.m, and a first-level balcony that frames the entire space.

One of the main features of this apartment is the master bedroom with its unusual solution to be combined with a bathroom. Visually, this design makes the windows even more wide-open, and the exit to the terrace is harmoniously fitted in. The porcelain stoneware box, steps, and lighting have become functional decorations.

The design concept of the apartment is concentrated in laconic forms, logical clarity, harmony, and simplicity: a steel custom kitchen with an illuminated back wall, veneered panels in classic shades, porcelain stoneware, which cannot be distinguished from marble by its architectural design, and one of the most unusual elements — leather panels behind the bed in the guest bedroom. Everything is verified, consistent and symmetrical, without grotesque and bombast in the choice of materials.