The Savoy: Boston’s Revitalized Luxury Condominium - House Decades

The Savoy: Boston’s Revitalized Luxury Condominium

Two historically protected building facades along Boston’s revitalized Washington Street corridor were carefully restored and designed to form the base for a new 14-unit luxury condominium development which rises above and behind them; the detailed preservation and reconstruction of these structures works closely with the newer section through a carefully curated design of contrasting styles, linking the new neighborhood with its history.

The location of the building is on the road hook so that it has two sides of the building that can be overcome by the side of the building that is made sticking out. The entire exterior of the building features exposed brickwork, while the prominent sections and entrances are colored in a different color with a lighter light brown color to better fit the historical concept. On the rooftop, it has a more modern shape with a dominance of glass and a more minimalist form.

There is something interesting about the building windows with a touch of detail in the form of trim around the windows in a light color that gives a prominent impression on the windows.

In addition, another detail that makes the exterior of this building attractive is the ornamentation that is made in a curved shape at the top of the building. This ornament made of bricks is the handiwork of the past which is retained as a characteristic.

The parts that are more prominent in light colors are detailed with the panels and profiles that are very detailed even outside the building.