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THE SECRET GARDEN: Colorfull Apartment

The “The secret garden” project, although it did not involve massive demolitions of partitions, completely upset the distributive and decorative aspect of the apartment located in the Appio-Latino quarter. From the brief with the customers some key points emerged on which the project focused: the creation of a private home-office space, the possibility of giving each of the two children a personalized room, making the living area now a little dark as it is exposed to the north, as much as possible a light convivial open space and last but not least being able to access the very small terrace from the living room now usable only from the master bedroom.

If from a distribution point of view, the demolition and reconstruction did not involve design difficulties, already having a well-defined and constrained base by the systems and the positioning of the windows, the decorative aspect required a lot of attention especially in the courageous choice to use color as a leitmotif. of the entire renovation. color accompanies every single space designed: powder blends with oxide, red interacts with green, blue with black.

The project does not enter into any schematization of styles; it escapes the rules it plays with contrasts, mixing romantic and decò decorative elements with a more essential Nordic design, this time it focuses on emotion, on scenography, as in the entrance that opens towards the garden “Royal” latest collection of wallpapers by the French duo Conceptuwall, a porthole as a home office window overlooks this secret garden, so the light can filter and the eye can imagine, they are hints of biophilia that are also found in some design elements such as the vibia palm lamp. 

The kitchen follows the trend of recent years: visible but separated from the living room through windows, to make everything even lighter, a system of maneuverable walls (Anaunia) has been opted for, which has made it possible to eliminate the inconvenient ground guides and visual interruption of the glass, a more minimalist rigor of the kitchen is played ironically with trays / portrait of hybrids hung with transparent cables as in a real art gallery.

The fulcrum of the living room remains the balance table by extendo accompanied by chairs from the Danish brand hay and illuminated by the beautiful hammered Murano glass chandeliers by Zafferano be spoke, the green back wall is deliberately bare in order to enhance the beauty of the colored glass. All the joinery has been designed to design with a system of wooden panels in natural oak slats that hide, appliances, shelving, shelves.