The Temple - House Decades

The Temple

The aesthetics of a life Temple in the new masterpiece by YODEZEEN are all about well-being. We have created a place where you want to spend the best moments of life. And to shrilly respond in your hearts, we poetize comfort.

Greet our Temple with its cozy bedrooms for your comfort; with a bachelor’s leisure zone, connecting living, dining & kitchen in a one full lounge; with bathrooms enlightened with Miami moods. Perfect place to meet, to feel, to live.

Temple is the contemporary hero of Aventura vibes with perfect view on a bay. It takes the things in its own pace of visual poetry of masculine style. Creating it, we’ve got our inspiration from our classical tooling of monochrome, marble, wooden and smooth surfaces, textiled bedrooms and making almost everything customized. And we hold true to all the brands we usually work with. So it’s totally and sincerely YODEZEEN.