The Terrace House

Studio Saxe - - Image copyright Andres Garcia Lachner -

Studio Saxe was commissioned to design a home that would hang over the jungle whilst creating expansive outdoor spaces protected by a large roof structure to provide outdoor living in the Costa Rica Jungle.

Studio Saxe encountered a steep property accessed from the top, and this scenario became the primary guiding principle for the positioning of multiple living spaces/terraces that hang over the trees to create a sensation being within nature. The rest of the home is accessible by a vertical staircase core that joins all spaces as it winds all the way down.

Studio Saxe decided to create the public spaces of the home on the top floor to engage nature at the canopy level and create a sense of floating amongst the trees. Terraces are split as a series of spaces that create a multiplicity of hang-out lounges which are perfect for entertaining and for looking at diverse parts of the jungle.

The construction of the home was created as a step-down retaining wall that would then house a lightweight steel frame structure joined by a central staircase which acts as a primary source of structural integrity for the home. The result is a very solid concrete back to every space and an ephemeral lightweight structure in front that hangs over the jungle floor.