THE TRUE SOUL OF A LAWYER: A Vintage-Colorful Pentouse - House Decades

THE TRUE SOUL OF A LAWYER: A Vintage-Colorful Pentouse

The apartment is a small penthouse (48 sqm) located in Rome. The renovation of the apartment involved the demolition of all the internal partitions (with the exception of the bathroom walls, which already existed and recently renovated) to cancel the too narrow space of the state of the places and rethink a more original and comfortable internal distribution. A space that adapts to the younger needs of the client – a brilliant lawyer-

The natural choice of the restructuring was to postpone the sleeping area at the back, in spite of an entrance with a strong visual impact. This, in fact, had to represent the “heart” of the house, the open space, the welcoming living area. The demolition obviously increased the light factor and made it possible to create almost a single room with the large terrace flanking one side of the apartment. In this way, a feeling of a whole was created, also accentuated by the stoneware floor (parquet effect), installed in both environments.

The existing kitchen has been dismantled from the (current room) and reassembled to the left of the entrance, with small additions, such as the colored shelves. It fitted perfectly into the new space, and remained minimal and neutral with its white lacquer. The wall where the sofa rests required careful planning, not only from an architectural point of view as a dividing element of the large demolished space, but also from a scenographic point of view. It is in fact the business card of the house, the first thing you see as soon as you enter the entrance. After some tests of sketches, which represented more or less conventional solutions, with colored hues, I re-proposed my passion for wallpapers that know how to create unique atmospheres and furnish a room with determination.

The choice of yellow that characterizes the partition that runs through the hall, up to creep into the hallway of the sleeping area, is a suggestion of the customer. Yellow represents the sun, the sun has cradled and raised the customer, Neapolitan in spirit and origins. And I could only welcome with great enthusiasm the courage to dare with such a strong and unusual color.

The mood chosen was to create a vintage setting, a sort of set (the Flos liana lamps are reminiscent of spotlights), where the customer could have fun when he is not forced to wear a lawyer tie. The idea of ​​imagining himself in his home with historical jazz players immediately thrilled Rosario. The styling, as a result, was easy and in line with my style – I love mixing contemporary pieces (Flos, Menù Design) with vintage pieces (the marble coffee table). The initial idea was to create an industrial environment, but in the end we turned to an industrial chic. In fact, even the bookcase, originally designed in rough iron, was baked in the oven to be of that velvety black that characterizes the suspension lamps by Flos. And speaking of bookshelves, this is an interesting chapter. It is a unique piece, designed by a famous studio in Taipei, Ganna Design , who wanted to participate in this hometelling project. The result is what, personally, I consider the strong point of the house: a 3 meter high bookcase which, from any point of view, is never the same, even if based on an extremely simple shape in plan (a rectangle). Ganna wrote me that she had interpreted the lettering of the surname (Apuzzo) and for this reason we called it My-Ai.

The bedroom is a space that I define in a certain sense as passing. It is a rather unusual space in the distribution: it is a room that communicates with the large terrace thanks to a large French window, but also has a small balcony on the other side. In the hallway area that borders it, I immediately imagined a see-through solution, with white shelves to let the light filter in and at the same time create the necessary privacy. These shelves, then, would have been filled with books and objects related to affections, things that could shield the view without closing it.