Tree House: Sardinal Forest Tree House

Tree House is a “House” in the middle of the Sardinal forest with lush trees. This building is a single building that only has one function, namely a place to rest and relax. The concept of this building is a modern tree house with a cantilever structure where the main building is on top supported by one main foundation pillar and four smaller supporting pillars. The stairs to get to the top are circular stairs in addition to aesthetic purposes as well as to save space.

Because of its position at the top, this building has a very beautiful view, you can see the green forest and beautiful sky. For this reason, this building has very large glass windows that almost cover the entire side of the building. The balcony terrace that surrounds the building also allows residents to enjoy the view and fresh air from the outdoors.

The interior of this building has a minimalist concept with lots of storage space such as bookshelves and others. The room does not have too much furniture so it looks more spacious. There is only a large bed, bookshelf and storage box that doubles as hidden storage space. The dominance of wood material in the interior and exterior makes this building seem to blend with the nature around the shady trees.