A comfortable apartment for a young couple, where the entire layout solution is based on ergonomics: a lot of storage space, spacious walkways, and most of it is used as a place for relaxation.
So, for example, in the hallway, kitchen, and living room, we see a wooden pylon, which on one side acts as a wardrobe for outerwear, on the other is a decorative panel, and on the third – a place for kitchen appliances.
In the entire interior, the most natural materials and textures are used, which adds much more coziness and harmony to it.

The minimalistic solution of the hallway is just a mirror panel on the wall with a small space for the waiting area.

Everything here is minimalistic and understandable. We decided not to deviate from the style of the whole apartment and use the same materials and colors. But we played with the volume and format.

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