V House

A simple material list was established to create a contrast between light and dark colours. The brown-cream cement walls and floors, combined with black wooden ceilings and screens are the key elements in the architecture of the house.

We designed the house sustainably by creating large open spaces allowing for natural air flow and usage of local materials such as locally pigmented coloured cement, and local recycled ulin wood from Indonesia.

The house sits on a sloped site 167.5 meters above sea level on the development of Tampah Hills. The almost 360 degrees tropical views towards the ocean in the south, lush green hills on the north, and local villages on the east gives this house a breath-taking view in every space of the house.

This 3-bedroom house, located in Lombok, Indonesia, was designed with simplicity in mind.

We designed the house using the surrounding elements we could find. The brown-cream cement walls and floors were adopted from the colour of the soil making the fa├žade blend with the surrounding nature.