Venice House

This two-story home is Venice’s first of its kind in a dense mass punctuated by welcoming gaps. The staircase is tucked sideways, allowing the long, unbroken, domed kitchen to pass through the center of the house. This cedar wood clad in space connects the front yard to the backyard while blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 2,700 s.f. the house has a small swimming pool, guest cabana, and roof deck.

This house space program is to flow with minimal bulkhead so that the flow of movement in this space is more comfortable.

The house has many openings in the form of large glass windows on both the walls and the upper walls so that the room remains bright during the day because the sunlight entering the room is maximized coupled with a room that has minimal insulation.

The front view of the house is a modern minimalist exterior feel with a white facade and large glass windows that provide an attractive visual in the house.

Backyard for relaxing with lounge loungers to enjoy views of the garden and mini pool.

The mass of the building is in the form of cubes arranged randomly with a very interesting shape that makes it unique. Masses are distinguished from one another by color, some are white and some are covered with wooden panels so that they are not monotonous.

One corner of this house is a bedroom that has direct access to an outside terrace with a warm fireplace. This bedroom has a unique corner sliding door. Even though it is not too big, this room is tricked by a bed that can be folded into one with a wooden cupboard which is also a work desk and bookshelf.

The dining area and kitchen have a semi open concept with large windows even at the top. The ceiling of the very high building is created from the voids of the 2nd floor. The wooden nuances of the kitchen set match the walls and ceiling.

The divider between the kitchen in the inner room and the dining table in the outside is limited by the expanse of natural stone which is the detail of the floor of this building.

Direct, unblocked access from the kitchen and living room creates a wider space and creates good interaction between residents. Coupled with access to a terrace which is a dining table and barbecue area.