Villa P

Villa P is located in a hidden area in the region of Pejeng away from the crowded village of Ubud, Bali. The 3-bedroom private residence was designed to be a tropical escape for the family.

The house sits at the top of a river valley which gives the house a tropical forest background throughout the entire spaces. With the valley background in mind, we designed every space of the house to have an interaction with the breath-taking views.

To give the house a tropical and local architectural language, thatched roof was used to define the interior spaces. The local material, alang-alang, is commonly used in traditional architecture of Bali and is well known to absorb heat keeping the interior spaces at a very comfortable temperature.

Local materials were used throughout the house. Brown-cream cement walls, natural cream sand stones, recycled iron wood, and grey paras stones were selected as the color palate of the house.

We approached the sustainability of the house by using local craftsmanship and materials, and providing spaces with natural airflow to reduce the usage of air-conditioning. To achieve this, the house was designed with large open living spaces and completely outdoor facilities.