White.Loft: Apartment with Color Game

White.Loft is an apartment with a modern minimalist concept with a few accents in the room. This apartment tends to play color to make the interior details of the room. The striking combination of black and white and yellow is arranged in such a way that it becomes unique and unusual. The interior finishing of this apartment also uses the finish-unfinished concept where some parts are finished to withstand finishing while in some parts they are left alone by exposing the original material.

The game of color can be seen from the bedroom where black, white and yellow dominate. The bed is uniquely made with an iron frame painted in black and yellow so that it becomes the center of attention in the bedroom space. Each bedroom is given a different feel with a different color dominance, for example, one bedroom is dominated by yellow while the other bedroom is dominated by black and white which makes each room has its own characteristics but still one concept

Apart from interior finishing, color play is also displayed through artificial lighting from lamps where this apartment has two lighting tones, namely ordinary white and warm red. Both of these lightings can be adjusted to the needs of residents, such as when they want to sleep, or do their usual activities. So even though the interior of this apartment does not have many accents, it is still unique with the play of colors in it.