Wild Lilac

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This 3200 SF single-family residence and accompanying 800 SF pool house were envisioned as a refuge cradled within the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest.

The design uses a series of thickened walls which run east-west along the topography of the dramatic mountain site to establish discrete programmatic zones and protect the interiors from the sun.

Each resulting zone affirms its connection to the surrounding hillside, while the thickened walls demarcate successively more private areas of the house.

The concept of this house is modern minimalist with a masculine appearance. The masculine impression was created through the exposed building materials and the colors that were highlighted.

This building has large openings in the form of large glass windows to enjoy the view from the top of the hill as well as functions as access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

Typical hilly plants are arranged in such a way both in the upper and lower areas to sweeten the building.

The kitchen and dining area are located in a mass that juts out into the upper area. The incoming light and wind are maximized to support cooking and eating activities.