ZhK ZILART is a 74 m2 apartment located in Moscow. Apartments with modern minimalist concepts are dominated by soft natural color tones that give the impression of elegance and luxury. The chosen light color makes every room in the apartment brighter and looks spacious. The arrangement of the furniture in the interior also provides easy and free access for residents to not feel cramped.

The living room is filled with an ivory color sofa with chair cushions of the same color. On the walls there are details of white wood panels which make the walls not too plain. In the corner of the room there is a small minimalist fireplace that gives warmth to the room.

The L-shaped kitchen is neither narrow nor wide but has functional and efficient storage spaces. Dining table with a minimalist concept of a combination of wood and black steel. On the other side near the window there is a pantry table for eating while looking outside.

The bedroom is still with a modern minimalist concept dominated by natural colors. The bedroom has a lot of hidden storage areas in the form of a large cupboard attached to the wall so that the room looks clean and tidy.