Allen & Gerritsen - House Decades

Allen & Gerritsen

Allen & Gerritsen is located in Boston, MA measuring 33,125 SF which was completed in 2012. Allen & Gerritsen approached Sasaki Associates, a former H + A partner firm, to design their new suburban office in the Boston Harbor District. The design team works to create attractive and innovative spaces that facilitate collaboration and reflect A&G’s unique culture. Its design approach contrasts with the former agency offices with open communal spaces and views of Boston Harbor.

The office layout fosters innovation with a variety of collaborative workspaces, including a large ‘communal’ area near the main conference room to bridge the gap between employees and clients. Additional features include a media room for focused presentations, a comfortable corner for one-on-one interactions, and a ‘phone room’ for private moments. Overall, the new design ensures all employees have room to be productive and creative, encouraging growth and agency vitality.

There are several types of doors in this building, namely a thick wooden door that functions to close a meeting room that has high privacy, while the other door is a large glass door that functions to close communal spaces with moderate privacy.

This building is dominated by white and gray with several bright yellow accents that become the company’s identity. The yellow corner is placed at several important corners such as communal spaces that have a lot of interaction