Arnold | Havas HQ

The building is a redesign of the historic Burnham Building in Downtown Boston Crossing to become the new headquarters for Arnold Worldwide / Havas, an advertising and creative agency. The 5th to 8th floor conversions include a lobby, individual offices, collaboration space, employee bar, cafe and production room for photography, video recording, sound studio and editing room.

Four new staircases and a mezzanine area are designed to connect employees with one another. The main staircase connecting the 7th and 8th floors acts as the focal point of the space, allowing access to collaborative spaces from individual work areas. A number of materials from the historic building, such as antique windows and wooden floors, were saved and reused in the new space.

Large skylights are placed in the middle of the building as natural lighting where the building will be energy efficient because it doesn’t require a lot of lights, especially in the morning and afternoon. These skylights also provide a dramatic light effect as they descend right above the large wooden staircase for the center of attention.

As the center of attention of this building, large wooden stairs not only function as a link between one floor to another above it. This staircase has a thick base like a stage which at the same time has a function as a communal space that can be used for chatting, discussing and more.

This office is not only dominated by exposed materials that adapt to the industrial concept, but there is one thing that attracts attention, namely the giant yellow cube on the second floor and also several sides of the walls that are deliberately colored yellow as an emphasis on space and so as not to be monotonous.

Unlike the lobby area, which has a striking yellow color, the work area is only dominated by exposed materials such as wood, concrete, steel, and utility pipes which are left uncovered. Honesty of this material is one of the characteristics of the industrial concept that is promoted.