Haworth Showroom D3 - House Decades

Haworth Showroom D3

The Haworth D3 showroom design, product display and finishes are heavily influenced by Studio Urquiola.  The brand styled the space with their products from other distinguished designers such as Guilio Cappellini, Jesper Morrison, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The space also features the partner brands such as – Buzzispace, Brunner, Framery, Gan rugs and Pablo lighting.

The showroom is a place where architects, clients & partners can meet, collaborate and work, a place for dialogue, to understand workplace requirements.

Basically a creative space to define design solution to enhance the performance of our customer’s workplace. 

When creating the design brief, the Haworth Ideation team analyzed how the team worked, to create a functional and productive environment whilst maintaining the look and feel of a showroom.