Houlihan Lokey Office : Premium Office in Dubai - House Decades

Houlihan Lokey Office : Premium Office in Dubai

Houlihan Lokey Office Lobby Interior

Back in 2017, Houlihan Lokey opened their first office in Dubai. Three years later, plans were in place to upscale their office . They needed something bigger, better, and closer to the bustling financial district. Just a few blocks away, they found a new space at Brookfield Place – right in the heart of Dubai’s International Financial Centre. As a newly-built skyscraper, the office was a hollow shell when we arrived. Ready for our team of talented designers to work wonders.

KPS’s task was to create a space that felt as premium as the service they provide. And with added attention to detail, that’s exactly what they aimed for. Embellishing the entrance is white tiled flooring with a marble-cladded counter. Lavish walnut veneer lines the walls, while the foliage brings bursts of brightness.

With feature lighting throughout the space, each room has a distinct purpose – flitting from stylishness in one room, to pragmatism in the next. Even the furniture has a part to play, with cool and comfortable deep-seated sofas in the communal areas, and ergonomic office chairs in the meeting rooms. Though each room is different, the overall feel is the same – the feel of quality.