IDEO Cambridge No.2

IDEO Cambridge

After 10 years at Cambridge, IDEO moved their office into a three-storey room in a self-contained building in the Central Square neighborhood. Formerly a 20th century parking garage, the building was converted into office space, but needs a complete refurbishment. Collaboration is central to IDEO’s creative process, inspiring designs with multiple workspaces to offer programmatic flexibility.

The exterior of the building is very eye-catching with colorful and abstract mural paint. Dynamic colors and shapes represent the users of this building, namely creative and open-minded people. Although the shape of the building is simple with the main mass in the form of a cube and a stable arrangement of windows, the selection of colors and the shape of the paint on the walls of the building provides an extraordinary value that makes this building unique.

While the first two levels are for clients and staff, including the workshop and IDEO CoLab, the third is for employees only, including desks, sofas and the project team room. On the ground floor, garage doors connect the space to the outdoor entrance and parking lot, facilitating group projects and events.

Steel, oak, and open glass staircases clad in black, gray and red stringing connect all levels. The building exterior is painted white as a canvas, the collaboration of mural artist Eltono.

The industrial theme craft studio is very real with furniture as well as creative tools, brick walls that are only given white paint, utility pipes that are left to decorate the ceiling of the room. This room is designed in a simple but functional way to meet the needs of its users to produce a work.

The reception desk is designed simple and not excessive, there is only 1 wooden reception desk with unique small details and cactus plants to sweeten it. The wall behind the reception has the same concept of light colored wood with tiny holes in it.

On the next floor appear more and more good colors in the furniture, unique floor rugs. The rooms on the second floor are discussion spaces with various concepts. There are closed, semi closed and open.