Ingram Micro Office, Dubai : Bright Colours and Collaborative Office

Ingram Micro Office Lobby interior dominated by blue color

The client’s brief was to convert a ground plus mezzanine warehouse into an operational, functioning office that would reflect the original Ingram Micro footprint. They wanted the space to have the look and feel of their original office, but livened up with bright colours and collaborative areas.

Ingram Micro Office interior

Converting a warehouse space into a workable office in itself was a challenge. The ground floor was intended for operations and supply, while the mezzanine housed the offices, meeting rooms and breakout area. The layout was made appealing by angular lines that created an interesting hallway path. Apart from collaborative areas, huddle rooms and phone booths were incorporated for employees to work independently or in small groups.

Ingram Micro Office hallway interior

The reception area was made to look like the main Ingram office with similar finishes and colours were incorporated into the space and, with the advantage of having high ceilings, bespoke hanging lights in angular shapes were added for maximum effect. A green wall on the mezzanine floor housed the meeting suite, which was also the client facing area.

Ingram Micro Office meeting room  interior
Ingram Micro Office meeting room interior
Ingram Micro Office pantry interior

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