INT_FLAT_Ternopil : Apartmen Interior for Creative Youth

INT_FLAT_Ternopil : Home Interior for Creative Youth

At the beginning of the work we got a dark kitchen-niche, a giant corridor which was 25% of the total area of ​​the apartment and low ceilings (2570mm). On the positive side – a concrete ceiling without crossbars and jumpers over the windows, and freedom of action from young creative customers. INT_FLAT_Ternopil built the whole design from function. We added a giant corridor to the common space of the living room and bedroom, removing the extra partitions. So we provided lighting not only the kitchen unit, but also the entrance hall.

INT_FLAT_Ternopil : Home Interior for Creative Youth

In order not to lose height, we decided to leave the concrete ceiling open. In the entrance block, the wardrobe is continued by the built-in storage system, and serves as an accent in the wall decoration. The rest of the space is conquered by a warm wooden block in white and graphite tones.

In the tiny bathroom, we gave up the bath in favor of the shower, so we managed to win a place for washing machines and dryers, and a full storage system.
The bedroom in our vision should perform its main function in a young family, the TV is the third extra. A huge wardrobe wall is designed to accommodate the maximum wardrobe of the hostess.

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