In 2009, PJA‘s office was renovated and expanded, a full-service B2B marketing agency located in Cambridge. The original program of the colorful graphic interior includes the addition of open rafters, a double-height main hall, a mezzanine ‘writer’s attic’ with an adjacent brainstorming area, and dramatic conference space like objects in front of the main entrance and reception area.

Eight years later, PJA expanded their space even further with a new dedicated audio-visual studio, additional informal meeting rooms, larger formal conference rooms, and additional tables. Overall, the design goal is to seamlessly tie the new expansion into PJA‘s existing space and to create a means for collaboration and creative thinking, while showcasing PJA‘s work, philosophy and brand identity.

The meeting room is dominated by black and white with large glass on all sides. The glass is not left plain but is given details in the form of motivational writing that gives a pop effect to the room. The lights in this room are uniquely styled by combining spotlights and chandeliers that hang long in front of the long table for meetings.

The workspace with a cubical system uses wood panel material and pistil pvc which is not too high but still provides privacy for the workers who use it. In this area, the ceiling is deliberately not given a ceiling to give the impression of being tall and wide, the steel construction structure coated with white paint is also a separate accent in the space. The walls in this work area are given a map motif with a pixel model to give the room color.

In one corner of the building is used as a mini library to store a collection of books as well as chairs for reading. Even though this room is very small, it is designed so that it becomes the center of attention with bright and prominent colors. Quotes on the wall are not only for decoration but also as motivation for those who read.

The pantry is “hidden” in a giant red cube that is inside this building so that it is not visible directly from the outside but is still given an opening to see from outside to inside or vice versa. There are no polo along the corridor, some wall hangings and quotes are displayed so that it is interesting.

The audio-visual room is given dark walls and floors with a green screen backdrop and a bright yellow sofa. This room is designed so that the audio visual processing process can be accommodated properly so as to produce good results.

The break room is simply designed with soft and comfortable chairs in soft colors, a bright yellow coffee table, a bookshelf, a television which makes this room simple yet comfortable and can function properly.

PJA office, 12 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA
PJA office, 12 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA