ALCABIDECHE SOCIAL COMPLEX: Luminous Cube Complex - House Decades


Alcabideche Social Complex is an area that functions as a campus located in Alcabideche, Portugal. The building was designed by architects José Guedes Cruz, César Marques, Marco Martinez Marinho. Alcabideche Social Complex consists of several buildings that have a similar shape, namely a cube with a combination of white and the color of the natural material, namely gray concrete.

Each building mass is arranged in a neat grid pattern, the distance between the buildings is the same, then in the middle a small garden is given for green open space as well as a communal space for the building’s users. Between one building to another building is connected by using a concrete corridor, while around the building there is a wooden terrace.

In addition to the mass of the same cube-shaped building, there is one main building that is of a different shape. A larger long-beam building with three floors and more glass windows. This building is the center of this complex. At night the top of the white building will light up brightly with white lights, while the main building will light up with a different color that emits red light.