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Allegheny River MP

The Allegheny River Green Boulevard (ARGB) study transformed a 6.5-mile stretch along Pittsburgh’s Allegheny River, reconnecting the city to its riverside. In doing so, it integrates commuter rail services and multi-use recreational lines into existing freight corridors, and establishes a riverside open space system with new access points, ecological enhancement, and riverside stabilization.

Led by Sasaki Associates, in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority and an interdisciplinary team of consultants, H + A‘s work focuses on connecting the urban environment of Lawrenceville with the river, creating master plans for currently underutilized fields, studying building typologies for future development, proposes guidelines for the design of commuter rail stations, and participates in broad public outreach efforts.

The separation of the bike path into two sides provides excellent accessibility for cyclists. This program provides extra comfort so that it attracts people to use bicycles. Likewise, comfortable and safe pedestrian paths become a magnet for people to walk more than using private vehicles or public transportation.