Eeva: Tropical Beachfront Resort

Eeva is a beachfront resort in Pavones, Costa Rica with a modern tropical concept. This resort has a mass shape that was inspired by the initial shape of a long cube which was arranged irregularly and then transformed into an oval shape with a height that was made to resemble waves according to the location of the resort which is on the beach. The shape of the floor plan in the form of a rectangle allows every room in this resort to have its own view towards the sea and the beach. The many wooden lattices that dominate the resort make the mass of the building look like a semi-massive and blend with nature according to the tropical concept presented in this resort.

Communal and social spaces such as restaurants have a semi-open concept with several outdoor areas. The main material in the form of wood adapts to the surrounding natural conditions so that this building seems to be one with nature. The vegetation that adorns this resort is intentionally added and there is also existing vegetation that is deliberately maintained in order to maintain the natural surroundings in accordance with the tropical concept.

Private areas or rooms are made more massive by surrounding brick walls. Each room has a private swimming pool in the middle of the room. This oval-shaped swimming pool provides a very beautiful view of the sky because the roof in the middle of the room is intentionally left open to provide views, natural light and good air circulation.