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LP Style | Lab

Designed as a public extension of the headquarters and laboratories for the up and coming hair and beauty company, the Living Proof Style Lab, a flexible prototype retail/salon space directly connects with the surrounding Cambridge neighborhood.

Reinforcing the ‘Scientist tested, Stylist approved’ product concept, this new space accommodates a wide variety of retail uses and special events, from stylist training to special evenings with spokesperson Jennifer Aniston. H+A has designed a custom furniture system that can be configured for these different uses in a way that subtly reflects the nature-based molecular innovation that forms the foundation of the company’s identity.

The display rack is designed with an industrial concept using black iron which is in line with the monochrome product packaging design. Roll-up shelves on the four bottom corners for easy flexible movement.

The demo room still has an industrial monochrome concept with exposed material. Details are given on the walls in the form of the company logo and also asymmetrical minimalist wooden product shelves that are the center of attention.