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Moniker Sport : Minimalistic Sportswear Store

Snøhetta has expanded the playful brand and interior concept for the Norwegian house of fashion brands Moniker with a brand-new men’s and sports section, dubbed Moniker Man and Moniker Sport. By adding a brand new 1,500 m2 story to the Moniker universe, the expansion creates a unique shopping experience centrally located in Oslo by the newly renovated Valkyrien square.

In a time where retail is challenged, the new Moniker brand store concept invites shoppers to discover new styles and ways of expressing themselves through a bold interior and graphic design that takes in-store shopping experiences to new heights

Inspired by the bold astronaut couple Anne Lee Fisher and William Frederick Fisher, Moniker Sport features minimalistic sportswear for both men and women.

This zone sources its cultural references from NASA, echoing technical space gear and the dichotomy between the human sphere and the other-worldly, the industrial and the organic.

Moniker Sport further plays on different nuances of white, inspired by the six shades of white that can be found in an astronaut’s spacesuit.

Designed as a unified space that should reveal itself as one walks through, Moniker Sport offers a playful and out-of-this-universe experience for exploration and fun.

The zone further features steel-toned details against a more earthy and coarser backdrop and is designed in collaboration with art designer Pettersen & Hein.