Opalo: A Beautiful Resort In The Hills

Opalo is a resort in the hills that has extreme land contours but has beautiful views. The construction of this resort does not use a land cut and fill system but chooses to adjust the shape and structure of the building to the original condition of the land. The rooms have a distance from one another, in addition to providing privacy, this distance also adjusts to the existing land.

The concept of the building is modern minimalism with a tropical touch where geometric shapes are chosen as the shape of the building masses, while the building materials are dominated by wood so that they remain integrated with the natural conditions around which there are many plants and trees.

This resort has a special place for yoga with a semi-open concept, there are only wooden floors with wooden columns as supports and a blue sloping roof like the sky. The yoga area has beautiful views of the vast expanse of nature and fresh natural air.

This resort also has a swimming pool facility with an infinity pool concept that has a beautiful view of the natural landscape, located near a restaurant so that it becomes a fun communal space to gather.