Pods: Cocoon-shaped Hotel

Pods is a hotel located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. This hotel sits within the treetops and makes the most of a steeply inclined site. Cocoon-shaped structures rest gently in the forest canopy, reminiscent of fruits hanging in a tree or the carefully constructed nests of birds or small animals. These forms allow for humans to inhabit spaces above the ground while also creating an environment that can be shared with the local wildlife. This striking yet subtle geometry offers a sense of enclosure which is wholly unique and respectful of its natural setting.

Despite being on an extreme and steep site, this hotel is equipped with a swimming pool with the concept of an infinity pool which has a direct view of the sea.

Each room has a bathtub in an open pseudo-space with a very beautiful view of the sea and forest, each room has adequate openings for light and natural ventilation to enter but privacy is maintained in the room.