Student Depot Dormitory, Poland : Colorful Dormitory - House Decades

Student Depot Dormitory, Poland : Colorful Dormitory

Colorful interior in Student Depot Dormitory

Student Depot Dormitory meets all the conditions to become such a lively center of student life: located close to the university, and at the same time close to the beach, providing accommodation to almost 400 students, and at the same time providing them with privacy in single or double rooms with kitchenettes and high-speed internet connections.

Colorful interior in Student Depot Dormitory with vegetation

Already crossing the threshold of the dormitory,  Students fall into the very centre of events. The lobby is a meeting zone: you can stop here for a moment on the way from the university to your room, chat with friends, see who is playing a match, be invited to a party or to a game of your favourite game.

MIXD Studio treated this interior like a modern hotel lobby, which is usually multifunctional, designed to meet all the needs and activities of both residents and their guests. They analyzed various activities and thought about how to arrange the space to suit them. This place, both in terms of the functional layout and the design of experience, is an “introduction” to further activities: learning, work, entertainment.

In the lobby there is also an auditorium with a huge screen, perfect for watching matches, sports broadcasts, concerts or playing computer game tournaments. This is to act like a screen in your favourite bar – some can focus on cheering, others join for a while, still others – sneak past and start other activities. The lobby connects seamlessly with the spacious canteen, adapted to meetings and shared meals.

An important place for the residents of Student Depot Gdańsk is the gaming room. Many people do not realize how popular games are among young people – both computer and offline. They have tables, a console game stand – there are even seats for fans. The atmosphere, similarly to the lobby, is quite informal here, conducive to meetings in a smaller or larger group. It sits on soft pouffes and platforms. Boxes replace shelves. Colourful chairs were placed at the tables.

The Student Depot Gdańsk fitness zone has a slightly futuristic, mysterious atmosphere inspired by vaporwave aesthetics: dark colors, unreal space flooded with colorful, neon light, strong stimulation of the senses. It is more like a club or music video plan than a typical gym. MIXD Studio’s inspiration was streetwear fashion brands, combining elements of sports style and the needs of visitors to dance events or festivals, playing for hours in strobe lights.